Women in LIONS


leadership (Photo credit: Ed Gaillard)

A message from the International President

Dear Lion,In an era in which membership in all types of civic, service and social organizations is declining, Lions Clubs International posted membership gains for four consecutive years. In the past four years the number of Lions clubs members worldwide has grown by 50,000.We are indebted to all who worked so hard to make this possible and we recognize that this success is due in large part to the steadily growing numbers of women in local Lions clubs. More than 300,000 women are now Lions, making up 23 percent of our total membership.

Perhaps just as important, women now make up approximately the same percentage of Lion leaders. Having women advance into leadership positions in proportion to their overall numbers is a tremendous success and a source of pride for our association. It helps ensure that membership in a Lions club will be an even more attractive option for dedicated, energetic women who wish to serve their communities and the world.

I have asked some of our most accomplished women leaders to play a special role in making this happen. International Directors Sonja Pulley, Gudrun Yngvadottir, Claudette Cornet, Carolyn Messier, and Board Appointees Alice Lau and Thersa Mann are serving on the Women’s and Family Membership Development Task Force. For the remainder of our leadership year, these women will be attending women’s workshops, participating in symposiums and talking with individual Lions to gain insight on how to increase female membership and advance women into leadership positions.

Preliminary reports back are indicating that it is all about providing needed services in their community. I believe what we learn now will provide guidance for all clubs to prove greater service to their community. I look forward to seeing their findings and receiving their recommendations which will be shared with you so that we can make the most of this important resource for our communities.


Wing-Kun Tam

International President

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